6 Wooden Beard Comb Designs With Style

The Wooden Beard Comb

There’s something cool about having a stylish wooden beard comb that’s hard to put into words. Aside from that obvious satisfying feeling of running it through your beard or the collectible appeal of having yet another elegant men’s grooming product in your possession, there’s a calming feeling, an almost self-medicating aspect to combing your beard. While everyone else reaches for their iPhone or starts puffing on an ECIG, you can take a relaxing moment and zone out from the chaotic world.

Combing your beard, in the right context, can also be viewed as very sexy. You know, that casual moment you break out your comb and stroke your beard when you know the girl across the pub is checking you out. She’s noticing your manly beard and sees that you take the time to groom it. Your high-quality wooden bead comb says a lot about you. You show dedication to your craft. You show you can take excellent care of the things that you’re interested in, and you won’t settle for crappy products.

You may think I’m laying it on thick, but I’m not. Women – and Men – notice all kinds of things you wouldn’t usually think about. Your shoes for example. I remember an old girlfriend told me that she would notice and Man’s smile, then look for a wedding ring right before checking to see the condition of a guy’s shoes. Her logic was that if he took care of his feet, the part of the body that we all use the most, then he was well-kept and clean. He was a “keeper.” Women care about a man being clean, and for some reason, men have trouble remembering that. A scruffy, unkempt beard is not helping your cause. Sure, it’s cool you have a beard, but your Sex appeal goes through the roof if you can present your beard in an impeccable stylish manner.

So what does a beautiful, high-quality wooden beard comb say about you? Does it add a little style to your swagger? – Agreed.

Wooden Beard Comb vs. Metalic Beard Comb

I think one of the biggest misconceptions when deciding on what type of beard comb you should pick is that a wooden beard comb will break. It makes sense that it would, but unless you’re buying a piece of crap product, most wooden beard combs are very strong, even difficult to snap in half if you tried. If you’re like most guys and want to put the comb in your back pocket, you shouldn’t be thinking about the material; you should be thinking about the size of the comb. Ideally, if you’re a back pocket comb guy, you want to keep your comb to something less than 6 inches, otherwise, when you sit down the comb will get in your way and force you to have to move it to another pocket.

6 Recommended Wooden Beard Combs

The following are five killer beard combs I’d like to share with you. This list is just a list of wooden beard combs, we do plan on having a complete review page up soon with more options, and an article for metal combs, but for now, these are my favorite wooden combs.

Beardoholic Wooden Beard Comb

This pocket-friendly wooden beard comb is designed in a very straightforward traditional manner. A great high-quality beard comb with excellent reviews on Amazon. This wooden beard comb is priced accordingly, but not considered cheap in any away. It’s 100% wood, with excellent grip, easy control, and a nice feel. This model is 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) and does a great job with frizzy beard hair.

Personally, I really like the color of this comb. It has a nice dark finish, not too bright, reminds me of a modern home with nice hardwood floors.

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Zeus Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard Comb

This organic beard comb is a fine example of beauty in design. The Zeus Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard Comb is one o Beard Manly’s favorite combs. At first glance, it’s easy to see your run-of-the-mill grooming tool with two sides with different teeth widths. But, upon taking a closer look, it’s even easier to see the detail. A smooth, hand-polished body accentuates the natural wood grain that runs through the comb. In your hand, you feel a perfect balance of heft and lightness. And, beneath your nose, a calming woodsy fragrance is emitted from the natural sandalwood. The Zeus Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard Comb shapes up to be one of our most beautiful products to date. Includes a genuine leather sheath.

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Huntsman Hair and Beard Comb

A friend of mine swears by this beard comb; he loves it. I had one a year ago and really liked the design as well. The color is a little bright for my taste, but overall this is an exquisite model. The Huntsman Beard Comb is very lightweight, although I can’t find any details on what it’s exactly made of, I am sure it’s a particular type of wood. This wooden beard comb is perfect for your favorite balms and oils; makes application a breeze and keeps things clean. It has a stunning finish. Branding is subtle and classy with it being etched into the wood. Doesn’t tug on hair and is very smooth to use.

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EQLEF Wooden Beard Comb

EQLEF Sandalwood Beard Comb

This beard comb is made from 100% green sandalwood. This double-sided comb gives you options, with one side in standard teeth, the other is fine teeth. Due to the nature of real green sandalwood, the color can vary, some are yellow, some are dark, and it changes color under Sun exposure. This comb is a very interesting product. It is unique and high quality. The comb is not very big (3 1/2″ x 2″), which is almost the size of a credit card, perfect for those looking for something a little smaller.

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Rocky Mountain Barber Company: Natural Organic Sandal Wood Beard Comb

This wooden beard comb is very similar to the previous model in design but is made from different ingredients. The Rocky Mountain Barber Company has made this comb with a smoked wooden smell, like your Grandfather’s workshop with a brisk smell of smoked sandalwood that radiates. This comb is pocket-sized: 3.8 x 2.4 x 0.2 inches ; 1.1 ounces. High-quality packaging. After a few days, you really start to notice the subtle smell of sandalwood resonating from the comb and can subtly smell it on your beard and hair. Very popular beard comb and worth the extra couple bucks.

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Wooden Beard Comb

Xuanli® Natural Sandalwood Comb

This comb is very different than the others in this article, although much like the EQLEF model, it is made of 100% green sandalwood. Most reviews on Amazon seem to use this comb for not only their beard, but for their hair as well. The handle designs seem to vary, much like the color of the comb as well. Again, the green sandalwood changes colors often. Overall this comb has great quality, it has a nice weight (3 ounces), and works great on all beard thickness types. Fits well in your hand well, standard brush length size and is definitely worth the money. For me, this beard comb says at home. It’s an around the house comb, but I wouldn’t argue with someone that wanted to make this a pocket comb.

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