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Beard Without Mustaches: 5 Tips To Making This Look Work

The first beard I ever tried to grow was during my final year of high school. It was terrible. I was just a teenager and my diet of pizza pops and Orange soda wasn’t helping my cause. My beard came in all patchy, and despite giving it a few months to grow (which didn’t impress the girls) I eventually gave up and shaved it off. However, a few years later I tried again, this time with much more success. However, this time round I could only grow a beard without a mustache. The handlebars that connected to my beard wouldn’t come in strong and my mustache was thin and weak.

Nowadays, I can’t go three days without needing to break open the beard grooming kit, but in my very early 20’s the chinstrap beard was all I could put together. Despite the unique approach to growing a beard, the mustache-missing look worked for me. I had this grungy skater kinda look going on, hey it was the 90’s, back off – lol, and I kept it trimmed nicely.

It was like a modern version of an Amish beard.

Ideally, I don’t think any guy plans to grow this look, they settle for it after realizing one of two things. Either A.) I’m too young to grow a full beard or B.) this is the best it’s going to look.

We all want a kickass full looking manly beard, but you need to remember it doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re having trouble growing a beard you need to be strategic when making an attempt at growing it out. Give yourself enough time to grow it out and avoid trimming it for no reason. Read More

Best Beard Conditioner For A Healthy Looking Beard

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Sets: Highly Recommend for an Epic Beard

Best Beard ConditionerI learned all the fundamentals of growing a great beard from my father. You see, I am my father’s son. This has become even more apparent as I have gotten older. I am a carpenter just like him and a damn good one. I have a meticulous beard just like him and it’s a damn good one. I suppose growing a beard comes with the territory. Even the most famous carpenter from Galilee had one. It never occurred to me that there is an art to growing facial hair; I simply followed my father’s footsteps. I have had a beard ever since I could grow one.

I consider myself the Version 2.0 of the old man. I am faster and I come with newer features installed but I still look at the older version with nostalgia and respect. I suppose the same applies to my beard grooming habits. They are essentially the same as my fathers have always been but with a few tweaks and new additions to go with the times.

Beards are back in style, and as a veteran, I get asked a lot about how I can grow the impeccable mane that distinctly occupies my face. It’s all about grooming. Something as simple as using a beard conditioner can make all the difference between a good beard and a great one. Read More

Beards in the Workplace in 2018 – Grow It!

Beards in the Workplace 2018

Beards in the Workplace 2018Everywhere you look, a beard or mustache is being sported. It stands to say that facial hair has come a long way from previous notions of the clean-shaven aristocrat parading around the office. You might even say that Beards in the workplace are taking over.

Whether a beard is acceptable for a job is still as much of a mystery as what is inside of a thick beard. Newer industries tend to be more accepting of the haired-look, and older areas still have that fondness for cleanness.

But why? The reason for this vagueness is the perception of a beard versus no beard. Beards will have others talk to you about maturity, confidence, or the art of growing a beard. Coming from a face that has grown significant amounts of facial hair since 16, trust me—there is no better way to get strangers to talk to you than having a beard. On the other hand, being clean shaven still, holds a lot of respect within society. Who’s the last empowered political figure that you’ve seen with a beard? There’s a reason for that. Read More

Beards For Round Faces: Add Length and Character to Your Look

beards for round faces

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made while grooming my beard was not paying attention to the guard I put on my razor. I was in a rush or just distracted and wasn’t focusing on the guard size. As a result, I mistakenly shaved my beard too short right before a good friend’s wedding. I had a nice, full beard and grew a custom to my face. Aside from being pissed off that I had screwed up and cut my beard too short, I also sadly discovered my face was a lot more round than I remembered it. My wife and I have a couple of kids, and I must have put on a little weight from the added stress of taking care of children or the lack of time to go to the gym over the last few years. I never realized I had such a round face until I shaved my beard too short.

Luckily my beard grows fast, and in a few days, it was tolerable. I decided from that day forward I wasn’t going to need the shorter beard guard for my razor and just throw it out to avoid the same mistake in the future. It was right then, and there I realized that growing a beard didn’t just look good on me, it improved the look of my round face.

One of the advantages of growing a beard is you can change the length of your face. If you have a round face, there are tricks to make your face look longer.

What I do now is get my hair cut very short on the sides but and comb my hair up in a spiky look on top (my profile picture is old). I then trim my beard tighter on the side of my face and grow my beard longer at the chin. This trick allows my face to seem longer than it really is.

By focusing more time and effort to your neckline, you can shape a beard for a round face. This may require more time than what your use to, but the advantage is men who have round faces and full beards look more well groomed and neat. Men with beards also seem to have longer faces which is a great trick for those self-conscious about their round face.

How do I do this?

Getting a good Beard Trimmer with a broad range of guards is important. Use your fingers and trace an imaginary curve starting at the back of your ear, down along the jaw line. Now with another finger, draw a line from behind one sideburn to the curved line, and where your fingers meet is how long the beard should be. For some guys, you barely need to trim anything at all, for others you’re practically shaving your throat. Remember to go slow and don’t rush, also don’t go overboard. The goal is to make your beard look neat and clean. Defining lines with help sculpt your face and help prevent it from looking round.

Recommend Razor?

We’ve always said you get what you pay for when it comes to a beard trimmer, that being said you’re going to want to focus on a beard trimmer that will give you the most options with your guards. Check out our article on recommended beard trimmers, but you might also just want to see what you can find on Amazon. Looking for a beard trimmer on Amazon is way better than buying the cheap crap and Wallmart. You should be able to read enough reviews to find the beard trimmer that best suits your needs.


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The Beard Oil Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage Of

Beard Oil 101

Beard Oil BenefitsYou’ve got the goatee or long beard, complete trimmer set, special comb and beard guide, what else is missing?

For the love of beard, get some beard oil for that final moisturizing touch. It’s the final part of the vain man’s beard routine – wash, trim, shape, and rubadub some magic oil. You’ll need beard oil for two reasons: the awesome scent that amplifies your manly charm, and its magical power that makes your beard smooth and soft.

As a beard grower, you don’t want your awesome hair to grow frizzy, coarse and with split ends. Even you will be disgusted to touch coarse and unkempt hair, and how much more other people? Dry hair is caused by lack of vitamin E and B and is very common during winter season. At worse conditions, you’ll get brittle and dull hair, with unwanted dandruff falling off your chin. Proper maintenance and grooming routine can avoid this, and will keep your manly beard looking clean and full of mojo.

Beard oil is usually made up base oil plus essential oils. A huge part of it consists of the base oil from Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, castor or almonds. Jojoba and Argan oil are rich in Vitamin E and widely used in hair salons as conditioning serum and moisturizer. Grapeseed oil has similar content, plus linoleic acid that nourishes the skin and helps grow hair faster. All of these aren’t new, for thousands of years, men and women have used these natural oils for taming, moisturizing skin and hair. For essential oils, these are usually the fruit or herbal extracts that add the scent and controls greasiness. These are obtained from distillation process of fruits, mint, and plants. Try the Coffee flavor beard oil, almost everyone digs the aroma of fresh coffee every morning, right? Then why not be that brewing hot cup of testosterone power? Or try piney scents that can be substituted for your daily cologne. For more musky formulas, choose cedarwood, sandalwood or oak scents. There are also citrus mixes like lemongrass, clove-orange or fresh mint oil.

How Do You Apply Beard Oil?

The best time to apply beard oil is after you wash your face and hair, or after a shower. At that time, your pores are open and all the dirt and grime on your hair are gone. Vitamins and other nutrients are absorbed effectively on your hair strands and skin, maximizing its benefits. Because we’re talking about essential oils and not water soluble products, a single drop can go a long way in terms of skin and hair benefits. Do not apply too much, as it will just stay on your skin and make your beard look greasy. Beard oil usually comes in small bottles with a small opening to control the drops. Take one or two drops on your palm and rub your hands and fingers with it, then apply it on your beard surface, the sides, underneath, and the front. Then run your fingers between your beard hair to distribute the remaining oil on your fingers.

Check out these Beard Oils

What Does Beard Balm Do?

What Does Beard Balm DoThose new to growing a beard, at some point or another, will ask themselves What does Beard Balm Do? It’s a totally reasonable question, as most guys are simple and don’t use many products on their face. But if you want to take your beard seriously, you’ll need to start adding a few high-quality items to your beard grooming routine to ensure you’re able to grow and maintain a healthy looking beard.

Combing and washing just isn’t enough when it comes to grooming your beard. As your beard grows and shadows your face, beard balm you’ll need beard balm to tame the wild awesomeness escaping out.

Beard Balm is formulated as a conditioner and styling pomade for your beard. It’s made up of moisturizers and sealants that are meant to tame those wild reluctant stray hairs and give your beard a beautiful gleam. You’ll need beard balm especially throughout the winter when the cold weather will most likely cause dry skin and hair.

Beard Balm Pros: 

  • Keeps beard hair soft and smooth.
  • Adds lustrous shine on hair.
  • If you have applied beard conditioner during the shower, beard balm can help seal moisture and treatment products for better absorption.
  • Adds some weight on each strand, which helps in styling and tame unruly strands.
  • Feeds your hair cells with nourishing vitamins to keep it healthy and vigorous.

All beard balms are moisturizers, but not every content on those tin cans are the same. Avoid synthetic sealants like petroleum jelly as it might cause allergic reactions on your skin. Remember it’s not just your beard were covering here that everyone’s going to see. Facial skin is more sensitive than the other parts of your body, and synthetic ingredients can irritate your skin and damage your facial hair.

Many men also say that they don’t need beard conditioning products because beards are supposed to be coarse. No argument on that, beards are indeed coarse compared to the hair growing on your scalp, but this doesn’t mean it all right to leave it unruly, brittle, and hard like a wire brush.

Let’s talk about Argan oil. This one is considered as liquid gold by hair experts and has swept salons for men and women like a gold rush. When Argan oil penetrates the skin and hair follicles, it moisturizes, repairs and stimulates hair growth. It has high Vitamin E content, which is essential for healthy and vibrant skin. While it’s popular on hair conditioner products, why not use it for beard hair as well? Jojoba is another excellent ingredient that has wax-like consistency. Similar to Argan oil, it has vitamin B and E that acts as a hair conditioner. It also has components that prevent acne and can also help in cell regeneration, and repair damaged and coarse beard hair.

Choose a beard balm that has a soft consistency. Some mixes are just too hard to even scrape with your finger, even when you reheat it. There are also perfumed or flavored beard balms. Not that they’re meant to be tasted, but are good substitutes over musky cologne. Try coffee, woodsy fir or sandalwood. Think of it as your beard perfume that doubles as a hair treatment.

How to put beard balm?

No need for the advanced degree on this one, just take out a pinch or more, then rub it on your palm to melt the butter-like consistency. For short beards, a small pinch will do. But for longer and thicker beards, you’ll need about a thumb size lump. You want to spread this evenly on the sides, underneath, front and in between your finger to spread the balm up to the hair follicles. Apply every morning after a shower or whenever needed.

Which is the Best Beard Balm?

There are many different kinds of Beard Balm products to choose from, which is why we typically link to Amazon for your best selection. In the coming months, Beard Manly plans to create a survey or poll to see which brand of Beard Balm our readers prefer the most. Odd’s are the results the results will be fairly even as most will prefer a specific brand for any different kind of reason yet for only $15 a comparing two beard balms that have gotten excellent reviews won’t break the bank.

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