Mustache Pacifiers: Your Kid is Awesome

moustache pacifier

Holy crap how am I just learning about Mustache and Beard Pacifiers now? Seriously, these are awesome!

What’s funny is the fact I actually made a fake mustache and eyebrows for my son when he was only a couple months old. I used a sharpie and made them out of paper. We took photos of my son sporting the thick black eyebrows and mustache and posted them on Facebook. The relatives didn’t think they we’re all that hilarious, but to a couple of sleep-deprived new parents, we laughed so hard tears rolled down our faces. 

I did a quick search for Mustache Pacifiers -or soothers as some people call them- and it looks like it’s a saturated business. A lot of baby brands are making these, all of different styles and quality. There made from FDA approved silicone teether material so they won’t mess up your kids teeth down the road. I think the Mustache Pacifier best selection can be found at Amazon as you can get a couple different kinds for cheap and can add them all into one shopping cart.

Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Box SetI’m not usually an impulse shopper but I had to have these -lol. I ordered a few Mustache Pacifiers this morning while drinking my morning coffee and of course Amazon always seems to suggest wicked products and things that I’d be tempted to add to my cart. You got me… so I added Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Box Set.

The reviews of the Beard Care box set were good and I seem to love boxes or kits where I get to try a few different things. I’ve always really liked Beardsley’s stuff and had been meaning to place another order. I’m not sure if it was Amazon’s upsale, or the fact it was just Easter but I was eager to buy a box full of goodies.

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