How to Grow a Great Beard: The Basic Foundation

How to Grow a Great Beard

Most men grow a beard not only because they tend to look better with it, but also because it protects their neck and chin from cold temperatures. However, some men have trouble with nurturing their beards to their desired size.

One of the most common issues that most people experience is itchiness; the irritation might become too much to bear, such that having the beard may not be pleasant anymore, so they end up shaving it. Another general problem that men may experience is inadequate skincare procedures, not having the proper techniques of maintaining the skin might cause some issues in the gradual growth; for instance, the hair might have a weak and thin appearance.

Some men familiarize having a healthy well-grown beard with power, leadership, and wisdom; that being said, listed below are some factors that may be of assistance in regards to growing a healthy beard.

Qualities of a Good Beard

Before you begin growing a beard, it is vital to understand that there are specific characteristics that a good beard should have, such as:

  • Length of the facial hair – How long you want your hair to be
  • Thickness- The quantity of hair within your beard
  • Liveliness – A well grown and health beard that has been developed by pelage and right facial hair treatment

Having all the stated qualities is a guarantee of a healthy and proper beard. Listed below are some tips on growing a proper beard.

How to Grow a Beard

1. Consuming meals that are healthy for the growth

There is a thin line between body and beard health, having a proper meal will not only provide you with the advantages of a balanced diet, but your beard will also have a chance to bloom. Such meals include:

  • Eggs – Since eggs are rich in proteins, it tenders a lot of aid in growing a good beard, this is because they naturally generate biotin, which is a well-known supplement for beard growth, and toughens hair. Not to mention, eggs also consists of other minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc
  • Liver – This protein is abundant with biotin, protein, and iron
  • Cinnamon- The flow of follicles and oxygen is greatly influenced by cinnamon. You can splash it on your bowl of protein shakes, oatmeal, and a vast varieties of either sweet or salty meals
  • Sweet potatoes – High in Beta-carotene is transformed into vitamin A which will help in the cell production amidst the hairs found on the beard
  • Spinach –Iron, magnesium, calcium, protein, and potassium are some minerals that are found pettily in spinach, and that are required in the proper growth of a beard

Some certain supplements provide similar nutrients, as stated initially, the meals that you have also influence how your beard grows.

2. Workouts to Stimulate your testosterone Fabrication

The DHT levels in your body are greatly influenced by the testosterone concentration in your body, which will gravely affect the rate at which your beard will grow. One way that you can naturally develop your testosterone is by having a stranded sleep of up to ten hours per night.

This is because the testosterone levels are often amplified during obliviation. Additionally, you will also be required to consume more food. Low food consumption greatly influences your reproductive system, which may decrease the rate at which your testosterone is fabricated. To prevent this, you will be required to consume more than the necessary amount of food.

Conducting exercises that boost your testosterone production is also a great way to grow your beard. Such workouts include resistance training. Studies also show that having a body fat of at least 9 percent will also help in testosterone creation.

3. Moisturizing and Lubricating your Beard

Ensuring that you keep a clean and well-lubricated beard is also crucial; this can be done with the assistance of a beard oil or beard softener. Ensuring that you have a well lubricated and neat beard will prevent irritation and allow you to let your beard bloom properly without complications. Washing your beard regularly is also a vital aspect of growing a full and healthy beard.

4. Give it Room to Grow

While the beard is growing, there are times that your beards will have patches. However, it is essential to allow your beard to nationally fill those patches by enabling it to grow without interference.

Let is bloom untrimmed for at least thirty days while nourishing it with some beard oil to avoid irritation and support softness and movement. Ensure that the cheek lines, necklines, and mustaches are in check.

5. Consuming Supplements

Consuming supplements every day potentially aids in stimulating regrow fallen hair. Doctors recently conclude that the use of biotin reinforces the keratin infrastructure of the facial hair; hence it secures the thickness and hair.

This will allow the beard to grow on each hair shaft consistently. The supplement can be found in a vast number of drug stores. In addition to that, several other supplements can also be of the same assistance.

Tidiness and Patience

Now that you have familiarized yourself with some tips on how to grow a beard, it is paramount to ensure that your facial hair is frequently clean and tidy. You should also not expect your beard to bloom instantly; patience is a crucial factor through the gradual process.

Are you still in need of more tips and tricks on growing a healthy and full beard? Contact us today and get instant aid from our professional, well-trained, and determined barbers while you still can!