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Mustache and Beard Pacifiers

Mustache Pacifiers: Your Kid is Awesome

Holy crap how am I just learning about Mustache and Beard Pacifiers now? Seriously, these are awesome! What’s funny is the fact I actually made a fake mustache and eyebrows for my son when he was only a couple months old. I used a sharpie...

Beard Trimmer Reviews

Best Beard Trimmers: 7 Reviewed

Beard Manly breaks down the 7 best beard trimmers after polling the staff and asking a ton of beard wielding friends. Every guy will have his preference, yet after some research that included surveying a large number of Beard Manly staff...

Best Beard Balm

What Does Beard Balm Do?

Those new to growing a beard, at some point or another, will ask themselves “What does Beard Balm Do?“ It’s a totally reasonable question, as most guys are simple and don’t use many products on their face. But if you...