Beards in the Workplace in 2018 – Grow It!

Beards in the Workplace 2018

Beards in the Workplace 2018Everywhere you look, a beard or mustache is being sported. It stands to say that facial hair has come a long way from previous notions of the clean-shaven aristocrat parading around the office. You might even say that Beards in the workplace are taking over.

Whether a beard is acceptable for a job is still as much of a mystery as what is inside of a thick beard. Newer industries tend to be more accepting of the haired-look, and older areas still have that fondness for cleanness.

But why? The reason for this vagueness is the perception of a beard versus no beard. Beards will have others talk to you about maturity, confidence, or the art of growing a beard. Coming from a face that has grown significant amounts of facial hair since 16, trust me—there is no better way to get strangers to talk to you than having a beard. On the other hand, being clean shaven still, holds a lot of respect within society. Who’s the last empowered political figure that you’ve seen with a beard? There’s a reason for that.The problem that is having a beard faces is the line between classless and classy. That line often comes in the form of three definitions of your beard: length, coverage, and how kept it is.

A long beard faces the questions of Why is it so long? When was the last time you trimmed? These issues are problems for the bearded going into a professional setting because it gives an impression of not caring, which is the opposite of what someone wants their interviewer or employer to think. Still, too short of a beard and you get perceptions of immaturity and untidiness—days 8 through 16 of growing a beard out definitely aren’t the times to schedule interviews.

How much of a face and neck being covered is almost as important as the length of the hair. And really, the coverage of a beard is dependent on the look that is sporting it: a beard can be a tool to sharpen a jawline or improve a chin. Knowing your face and how your beard works to accentuate your features is essential to figuring out if it will work in a professional setting.

Beards in the Workplace 2018The natural look that most beards have these days are instrumental in keeping respect within the confines of your beard. Precise cuts and straight lines are very much frowned upon for beards because they show a lack of expertise with the artistry of facial hair. Beard Trimming is necessary to maintain a beard; however, trimming it and keeping the natural look is a trick of the trade which can make or break the look.

There is a lot which goes into figuring out if you can walk into your next interview sporting the beard you’ve become so fond of. Most of it comes from knowing what you want out of your beard. But who in the end is in the right for all of the vagueness around beards?

You Are.

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