Beards For Round Faces: Add Length and Character to Your Look

beards for round faces

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made while grooming my beard was not paying attention to the guard I put on my razor. I was in a rush or just distracted and wasn’t focusing on the guard size. As a result, I mistakenly shaved my beard too short right before a good friend’s wedding. I had a nice, full beard and grew a custom to my face. Aside from being pissed off that I had screwed up and cut my beard too short, I also sadly discovered my face was a lot more round than I remembered it. My wife and I have a couple of kids, and I must have put on a little weight from the added stress of taking care of children or the lack of time to go to the gym over the last few years. I never realized I had such a round face until I shaved my beard too short.

Luckily my beard grows fast, and in a few days, it was tolerable. I decided from that day forward I wasn’t going to need the shorter beard guard for my razor and just throw it out to avoid the same mistake in the future. It was right then, and there I realized that growing a beard didn’t just look good on me, it improved the look of my round face.

One of the advantages of growing a beard is you can change the length of your face. If you have a round face, there are tricks to make your face look longer.

What I do now is get my hair cut very short on the sides but and comb my hair up in a spiky look on top (my profile picture is old). I then trim my beard tighter on the side of my face and grow my beard longer at the chin. This trick allows my face to seem longer than it really is.

By focusing more time and effort to your neckline, you can shape a beard for a round face. This may require more time than what your use to, but the advantage is men who have round faces and full beards look more well groomed and neat. Men with beards also seem to have longer faces which is a great trick for those self-conscious about their round face.

How do I do this?

Getting a good Beard Trimmer with a broad range of guards is important. Use your fingers and trace an imaginary curve starting at the back of your ear, down along the jaw line. Now with another finger, draw a line from behind one sideburn to the curved line, and where your fingers meet is how long the beard should be. For some guys, you barely need to trim anything at all, for others you’re practically shaving your throat. Remember to go slow and don’t rush, also don’t go overboard. The goal is to make your beard look neat and clean. Defining lines with help sculpt your face and help prevent it from looking round.

Recommend Razor?

We’ve always said you get what you pay for when it comes to a beard trimmer, that being said you’re going to want to focus on a beard trimmer that will give you the most options with your guards. Check out our article on recommended beard trimmers, but you might also just want to see what you can find on Amazon. Looking for a beard trimmer on Amazon is way better than buying the cheap crap and Wallmart. You should be able to read enough reviews to find the beard trimmer that best suits your needs.


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