Beard Without Mustaches: 5 Tips To Making This Look Work

The first beard I ever tried to grow was during my final year of high school. It was terrible. I was just a teenager and my diet of pizza pops and Orange soda wasn’t helping my cause. My beard came in all patchy, and despite giving it a few months to grow (which didn’t impress the girls) I eventually gave up and shaved it off. However, a few years later I tried again, this time with much more success. However, this time round I could only grow a beard without a mustache. The handlebars that connected to my beard wouldn’t come in strong and my mustache was thin and weak.

Beard Without Mustache
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Nowadays, I can’t go three days without needing to break open the beard grooming kit, but in my very early 20’s the chinstrap beard was all I could put together. Despite the unique approach to growing a beard, the mustache-missing look worked for me. I had this grungy skater kinda look going on, hey it was the 90’s, back off – lol, and I kept it trimmed nicely.

It was like a modern version of an Amish beard.

Ideally, I don’t think any guy plans to grow this look, they settle for it after realizing one of two things. Either A.) I’m too young to grow a full beard or B.) this is the best it’s going to look.

We all want a kickass full looking manly beard, but you need to remember it doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re having trouble growing a beard you need to be strategic when making an attempt at growing it out. Give yourself enough time to grow it out and avoid trimming it for no reason.

Five Tips To Making the Look Work

  1. Keep your cheek line trimmed and under control. You don’t want the side of your face to appear wider with a bushy beard, as the no Mustache look will definitely make you look Amish. You want to keep things neat and tidy.  Check out our article on Beard Shaping Tool
  2. Use Beard Conditioner to keep your hair soft. You don’t want a homeless man’s beard. Also, try to find a product that’s organic if you can, or at least as natural as possible. Naturally-sourced ingredients are healthier for your beard and skin, not to mention they’re better for the environment. Read reviews to make sure you’re fine to the smell or scent of the Beard Conditioner, as you will smell it from time to time being so close to your nose.
  3. Eat better foods that contain iron and dark green vegetables, beans and legumes, lean red meat or take an iron supplement. Iron carries oxygen to the hair follicles. A lack of oxygen can weaken the follicle. You know what they say, you are what you eat. Make a point to take better care of your body, and it will show. Higher protein foods such as eggs, turkey, chicken and low-fat dairy usually make the quickest differences. Hair is derived from protein so having enough protein in your diet will make it stronger and healthier. Just makes sense
  4. Get honest feedback. A lot of guys will take a picture of their beard and then submit it to Reddit (/r/beards). Try it out!
  5. Get a Beard Brush and run it over your face daily. The hair on your head grows about 1 inch every few months, and while things are different for your beard hair, massaging your scalp with a mixture of essential oils can stimulate growth. The same can be said about your beard. For example, a Boar bristle Beard Brush untangles the hair close to the skin at the follicle which makes a beard appear about 1/2 inch longer after a good brushing. It’s quite surprising the first time you try it, as it brings out all the hairs and evens out your beard. The beneficial properties of boars hair are often overlooked as the bristles stimulate the natural oils (sebum) present in the scalp and draw them along the hair shafts, essential for keeping hair clean, healthy, shiny, and protected. In other words, you can use the natural oils from your face to help stimulate the hair you’re looking to grow thicker, this could really help with your Beard Without Mustache look.


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