Beard Shaping Tool: A Helpful Guide To Grooming a Beard

Beard Shaping Tool

Beard Grooming can be challenging, especially when trying to get clean lines along your neckline or blend the cheek line on the top of your beard. You want the lines of your beard to match on both sides of your face without taking too much off. We all remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry kept shaving his chest to even things out, but couldn’t get the lines right and before he knew it, he was hairless. Luckily, with help from a cleverly designed beard shaping tool, you can easily get the shape you want every time.

Now, I understand some of you beardos may stick your nose up at this beard shaping tool, but getting a professionally leveled trim without your barber’s costly services is a smart investment, especially, if you’re growing a beard for the first time. I’m not suggesting you walk away from your trusted barber or anything, I’m just saying these beard grooming tools are inexpensive and a handy item to toss into your beard grooming kit.

What Does A Beard Grooming Tool Do?

Beard Shaping ToolUsing this tool allows you to groom your beard lines by placing it along the side of your face as a guide so you can shave along. These shaping tools work well with your preferred razor, electric trimmer or clipper.

The beard shaping device is an innovative design, one that includes a two-sided teeth comb that ensures that any size beard can be tamed and styled effortlessly. They also help to glide beard oil through the hairs. The brush ends the ideal clean-up solution, ridding yourself of any stray offcuts.

There are a lot of different brands that make this beard shaping tool, so I can’t recommend one specifically, but if you’re going to go ahead and pick one up, a good beard shaping sool should cost you no more than $10 to $25.

Click Here to find one you like.

If you’re growing a beard for the first time, you should invest in a few tools to help to keep your beard looking best it possibly can. Some would argue a beard shaping tool would be optional to that tool list, but if bread grooming isn’t your thing, and you’re struggling to get clean lines I would say throw it into the cart while shopping for an awesome beard brush at Amazon.

Quick Beard Grooming Tips:

  1. The biggest misconception when trimming with a beard trimmer is that you just need one guard for your entire face. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I use the small guards on my checks to make things blend easier and large beard trimmer guards for thicker parts.
  2. Never trim a beard while wet. While it may be easier to trim, it’ll be harder to judge
  3. Trim your beard before getting a hair cut. The reason being, you don’t want to have a bushy beard and a short tight hair cut. When you get home you could overdo it to match the hair on your head. However, the hair on the side of your head will grow in fast. Within two weeks you can see a noticeable difference. This can’t be said for your beard.

Beard Shaping Tool + Beard Bib

The Beard Bib is Awesome!

The Beard BibI have had to unclog two bathroom sinks in the past year thanks to beard hair. It’s probably the only thing my wife hates about my beard. She can’t stand a clogged sink or finding hair laying anywhere the bathroom counter or in the sink. The Beard Bib (as seen on the Shark Tank) catches your beard and hair trimmings while shaving just like an apron or salon cape to allow easy disposal.

The Beard Bib is 100% micro polyester with a soft touch, black fabric and is a well-thought-out design. Every purchase is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee for your complete satisfaction.

How Do I Use A Beard Shaping Tool?

  1. Stick the suction cup on the mirror.
  2. Push the handle down to fix.
  3. Hang the handle, which is attached to the fabric, on the suction cup.
  4. Attach the velcro around your neck.
  5. Start to shave!

A perfect item to add to cart when grabbing your beard trimming tool. Many companies make both the Beard Grooming Tool and Beard Bib, and some even bundle the two items together in a package set. Each company makes them all a little different in design, Click Here to pick out the one that you like the most.

Other Tips & Suggestions

How to Style a Beard?

You now know what tool to use, but you still might be a little lost on how much to trim or how to clean up your beard to make it look its best. Trimming your beard too short might be one of the worst sinking feelings you can have and while a good trim can make you great, some would argue you don’t need to trim your beard at all, but rather style it.

Have you ever tried beard balm? – It’s amazing.

Someone new to growing a beard may look in the mirror at their frazzled facial hair and think to themselves they need a trim, when in fact you just need to style your beard. Beard styling products can do wonders for making you look manly and well groomed.

Beard Tip: You need to start to think about your beard like the hair on your head. If you woke up one day and had bed-head, what do you do? You wouldn’t cut it, you run a brush through your hair. Maybe you’d style it with some hair gel. The same thing goes for a beard.

Before you break out the scissors, try styling your beard with some product. Remember, a beautiful thick beard doesn’t happen from trimming. it comes with brushing and styling. It also comes from eating right.

What Beard Styling Products Should I Use?

If you’re looking to take your beard to the next level, you really need to explore the option of adding a Zeus Ultimate Beard Care & Styling Kit. The value is without a doubt excellent.

Buying individual beard care products can really add up, but the Zeus beard kits are jam-packed with everything a bearded man needs. These Beard kits can last a full calendar year and provide you with enough products to test and demo and groom your beard to perfection. They make for awesome gifts and are considered the elite status for beard grooming. Upgrade your products today.



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