The Beard Oil Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage Of

Beard Oil 101

Beard Oil BenefitsYou’ve got the goatee or long beard, complete trimmer set, special comb and beard guide, what else is missing?

For the love of beard, get some beard oil for that final moisturizing touch. It’s the final part of the vain man’s beard routine – wash, trim, shape, and rubadub some magic oil. You’ll need beard oil for two reasons: the awesome scent that amplifies your manly charm, and its magical power that makes your beard smooth and soft.

As a beard grower, you don’t want your awesome hair to grow frizzy, coarse and with split ends. Even you will be disgusted to touch coarse and unkempt hair, and how much more other people? Dry hair is caused by lack of vitamin E and B and is very common during winter season. At worse conditions, you’ll get brittle and dull hair, with unwanted dandruff falling off your chin. Proper maintenance and grooming routine can avoid this, and will keep your manly beard looking clean and full of mojo.

Beard oil is usually made up base oil plus essential oils. A huge part of it consists of the base oil from Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, castor or almonds. Jojoba and Argan oil are rich in Vitamin E and widely used in hair salons as conditioning serum and moisturizer. Grapeseed oil has similar content, plus linoleic acid that nourishes the skin and helps grow hair faster. All of these aren’t new, for thousands of years, men and women have used these natural oils for taming, moisturizing skin and hair. For essential oils, these are usually the fruit or herbal extracts that add the scent and controls greasiness. These are obtained from distillation process of fruits, mint, and plants. Try the Coffee flavor beard oil, almost everyone digs the aroma of fresh coffee every morning, right? Then why not be that brewing hot cup of testosterone power? Or try piney scents that can be substituted for your daily cologne. For more musky formulas, choose cedarwood, sandalwood or oak scents. There are also citrus mixes like lemongrass, clove-orange or fresh mint oil.

How Do You Apply Beard Oil?

The best time to apply beard oil is after you wash your face and hair, or after a shower. At that time, your pores are open and all the dirt and grime on your hair are gone. Vitamins and other nutrients are absorbed effectively on your hair strands and skin, maximizing its benefits. Because we’re talking about essential oils and not water soluble products, a single drop can go a long way in terms of skin and hair benefits. Do not apply too much, as it will just stay on your skin and make your beard look greasy. Beard oil usually comes in small bottles with a small opening to control the drops. Take one or two drops on your palm and rub your hands and fingers with it, then apply it on your beard surface, the sides, underneath, and the front. Then run your fingers between your beard hair to distribute the remaining oil on your fingers.

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